27 September 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

I had no idea that An Inconvenient Truth has only just come out in the UK. I got a chance to see it a couple of months back at a film festival (since when is NZ ahead of the UK?!) and I really recommend it. It's funny to think what the world would be like if Al Gore had only won that election! It is a very well put together documentary and he is a very good speaker. Even if you don't usually go to see documentaries at the cinema, go see this one - if we make it a box-office hit maybe then governments will listen.

There are many who doubt the existance of man-made climate change and as is always the case in science, it's much easier to disprove than to prove a concept. However even if you're not convinced, the changes that are needed are not necessarily that large, and the catastrophe that would face us if the scientists are proved right is too disasterous to play chance with. Go see this movie, then sell your SUV and get on your bike or hybrid car if you really must be one step ahead of the Jones'!


Anonymous said...

The are alternatives to the hybrid car. For example, you can get a house high on a hill, so that no tsunami or sea rise can reach you. Right climate change is no more an issue! (I am not thinking of anyone in particular =) )

Universal love is the way, salaam!


Anonymous said...

Well at least I'll get a great show when the waves come... Because really the world is mostly people that don't care and want to drive diesel and SUV. At leat I co-drive to work and take the bus.

A said...

miss e. certainly plans ahead! You and I will have wet feet, Ben! :-)

Anonymous said...

You guys should check out E.'s new t-shirt :-)

Anonymous said...

I saw the doc as well. It is a bit americanised... catastrophic-scenario-ized.
Hi Ben, so nice to hear from you, even more in these eco circumstances!!
kisses to evelybody!