17 September 2006

Subversion part II

I saw "V for Vendetta" when it came out a few months back and whilst I knew it was a good movie, somehow the circumstances (being on holiday and having all sorts of other fun stuff to fill my mind) deflected me away from it. I saw it again tonight and I have to say - it is a faaaaaaaaaakin awesome movie. One of the best movies I've seen in a while and it really benefits a second viewing.

It discusses how fear and its use to manipulate the people can allow a nation to accept increasingly idealogical and fascist rule. The analogies to current issues in the world seems to only have made the film more relevant since I last saw it 6 months ago, and I hope that this doesn't represent an ongoing trend. Our acceptance of the loss of civil liberties in the face of terrorist attacks must be very carefully considered and while America may be showing a more extreme aspect of this fear, we are certainly not exempt from it in Britain. A very obvious example would be the killing of an innocent man in London by our own police force after the London terrorist attacks. I don't say that we should tie the hands of our government and police force, but we should be very wary of how slippery the slope can be.

I really recommend this movie; if you were disappointed by the second two Matrix movies, watch this one. The Wachowski brothers got it right again.

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