15 September 2006


Banksy just gets better! Most Brits probably know him but for those of you who haven't come across him, go check out his website www.banksy.co.uk. He's a cheeky and subversive graffitti artist from Bristol and he's over in the states causing some mayhem! He snuck a life-size guantanamo bay prisoner model onto a ride at Disneyland and apparently he snuck an elephant (well hidden in pink!) into a warehouse for an exhibition. Keep an eye on the bbc news website for his ongoing stunts.

I don't usually understand art, but his stuff I get and I love it! I'd say he's the best artist Britain's generated in a long while. Anyone with the audacity to paint on the Israeli's illegal wall is pretty rock and roll in my books!
So cool!


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Yeah he rocks! I hear a gossip that he's been to NZ and did some work in Godley's head ex-military bunkers. Went there (the ones close to the tunnel) and indeed it looks like his work. But it could be a copyrat too. Anyway it makes for a great sunday walk! and remember the words of Courbet (the painter of "the origin of the world") "When I am no longer controversial I will no longer be relevant"... I rekon it should be every artist's aim. But what do I know...