15 October 2006

My first peer-reviewed publication!

My first publication (peer-reviewed) has finally been published in the excellent journal Journal of Organic Chemistry! Yay!!! You probably won't be able to access the paper but anyone who's interested, you can see the abstract online at the JoC website (2006, p7947). One hell of a lot of work went into that paper; two horrible years of a PhD (and I still have stuff to tidy up in that bit of my project) on my part and a lot of work by Cherry who found the compounds (we finally got the stereochemistry Cherry - sorry for the long wait!) and Maya and Gerhard for sorting out lots of details and writing it, so it's SOOOOOO nice to finally have it published! Maya said there must be a curse on the Malaysian fugus that the compounds were found in (the funky bonsai tree looking thing in the abstract) cos it seemed that anything that could go wrong (or at least slowly!) with the project, did!

Non-chemists may be amused to know that what took two years to get the paper published was the two dotted lines on the bit of the molecules labelled MePro. Ridiculously frustrating! But published, so thanks to everyone involved!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!!!! So you're now worldly famous ... in your area.

Anonymous said...

Oh who's the Great Gorgeous one?!?!

CONGRATULATIONS! Well, I know how much effort to get anything accepted, so My Toon, congratulations again!


Men, I love trees, but I gotta admit this one looks pretty scary. Do those cyclodepsipeptides produce the feeling that the tree is indeed cursing anyone spotting it?

Love always,