10 September 2006


I've been slack with this recently cos it's been all go here! I finally managed to get a pretty important step in my research to work but it only works when it feels like it and so I've been frustratedly working pretty hard recently. If I can get the thing reliable it's a very important step though, so it's well worth the effort and pretty exciting stuff. Well I think so anyway. But chemists are wierd. I wouldn't trust their definition of exciting if I were you!

It's not all work though, cos the spring is finally here in Christchurch and we went snowboarding today. Perfect conditions for it - gorgeous sunny day and good snow and we didn't even have to get mucky trying to put snowchains on cos the snow was all on the piste and not the road! What more could you ask for?! Couple of pictures below.
Also become quite the budding horticulturalist recently, cos we decided to grow a couple of vegetable plants from seed for the summer and I didn't really expect much to work, but actually they've pretty much all grown perfectly! So now we'll have our own classy vegetable and herb garden. Of course we may never get any actual vegetables out of it, but it's still fun to try! What with cycling to school everyday, our own "worm farm" (which is posh for compost heap!) and our own vege plot we're becoming right little hippies! I've got a lot of carbon footprint to make up for with these flights to NZ though!
Hope you're all hunky dorey and having fun! x

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