19 December 2007

Back from the wild

We're back from the wilds of the Routeburn track, freshly showered and all stinky clothes washed! The Routeburn track is a three-day hike in fiordland. We had pouring rain for the first day and showers all the second day, so our packs (as well as ourselves!) were completely sodden. It was a beautiful walk, even in the rain, because when it rains on the west coast, BOY does it rain, and thousands of waterfalls, creeks and raging rivers come down the mountains. Makes it very pretty, even if you do get wet feet! The third day was sunny though, and we had some great views. Here's a few photos.

For perspective, that speck on the edge of the next ridge was another tramper

Lake MacKenzie

Hollyford valley


Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow. Annabel this looks amazing, what a lucky ducky you are. I can't wait to see these places for myself :) You'll have to recommend me some tramps...

E said...

Amazing pix!!!!!!!!!! Good to know you made it back! Joyeux Noel!