04 December 2007

Paradigm free thesis!

That's right, my friends, I've managed to write most of my thesis, and critically, half the introduction and I've managed to avoid the word paradigm completely! It's been touch and go at times, and its still early introduction days, but I'm very proud of myself! I don't know why I find it such an offensive word in the literature (and even more so when used in talks) but I do. I really do. It's an awful word. Should be banned. I have to admit to having to use ridiculously pompous language, but as long as the p word isn't in there, I'm happy.

In other news, my supervisors are now officially scientific rock-stars! They won two research prizes this week, including one very prestigious international one! Most readers will think I'm very sad, but as a chemist I get quite star-struck by top organic chemists (handing a microphone to Amos B Smith the third at a conference this year will count as a highlight in my life!) and I'm increasingly aware of what an honour it is to work with my supervisors, even if I am in a different field to their specialty.

And in related news, I'm still writing, but it's getting there now. Not crazy yet and it's almost looking like I might get away without any serious mental scars. We submitted my first first-author paper to a peer-reviewed journal last week, which is very exciting. Fingers crossed. It takes a while to go through the peer review process, but I'm really hoping it'll be accepted by next January so that I can be gainfully employed on my return to the mothership.

No other news. Hope ya'll are well.


E said...

I completely agree on "paradigm", terrible, terrible word, and only there as a fashion thing. I don't think I've used it since my first masters thesis(I was very impressionable back then).

Congratulations on your almost finished thesis!
Come and see me sometime!
E & Maxime

A said...

If used appropriately (eg Albert Einstein - definately a paradigm shift) it's ok, but it is used for any ol piece of rubbish research these days!

Definately want to come over to see you guys, but just been so busy! We've made something for Maxime as well. Looking forward to doing some smile hunting with her!