10 December 2007

To celebrate nearly being off on some holidays (finally!) I thought I'd spring clean the site and put a new title photo on. It was taken on the Hump Ridge track a few years back and seemed appropriate since I'll be off doing some more tramping for the first week of our trip. We're doing the Routeburn which is a three day tramp down in fiordland, in the south-west corner off the country. Then its off on a road-trip of the north island. So hopefully in the coming weeks I'll have lots of new photos.

I finished my introduction last Friday (it took just 6 days!) and got a compliment on my writing from my supervisor, so there were cocktails on Friday night! Had a margarita and a very tasty pisco sour. I haven't had a pisco sour since we were in Pisco (Peru), and it was just as nice as I remember it. I'd left two weeks for the introduction, so I now have all this week to tidy the thesis up and get some of the stuff done I didn't think I'd be able to. I love when a plan comes together!

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Anonymous said...

Big Hug. Have another pisco sour, at least! Have a wonderful time on ypour trips. Love Dad