03 July 2007


It would seem that all is forgiven! As soon as the kittens came out of their boxes from the vet they were all over us and desperate for some attention! They're even more affectionate than usual.

I had a laugh at the vet's suggestion that they avoid exerting themselves for 3 days - how on earth are we supposed to stop them flinging each other and any other inanimate object around for 3 days?! And sure enough, I've already had to break up a monster fight that was kicking off, and they've only been out of anaesthetic for 5 hours! Grey doesn't seem fussed about her cut, although I'm sure she's a bit miffed at the humiliation of wandering round with her new hairdo.

Uh oh, the tell-tale bangs and crashes. Better go check out who's winning the fight next door!


E said...

Did they save the "spare parts"? Do they pickle them? Just warn Sean not to eat them...

A said...

Yeah, I can bring them over as a side-dish when you eat the placenta, if you want!

You're a sick puppy, my darling!

Anonymous said...

You Frenchie's are out of control. First snails and frog legs, and now cat's bits... ?