06 November 2007

Story catch-up continues

One of the other exciting new things I've done recently is learn to ride a road-bike. Sounds easy given I've been riding a mountain bike for years, but I've always been a bit nervous of road-bikes. But a month or so ago there was a police bike auction and so me and Sean picked up a bike each for 20 bucks (about 8 pounds)! Mine needed a few bits replaced, but I am now happily screaming round Christchurch on my new ten-speed! I don't think I'm much faster (much to my disappointment and Sean's relief) but I'm definately quieter. A couple of photos of the new noble stead below with Grey checking out the new addition.

And this weekend it was a gorgeous day on Sunday - beach weather, so we went to the beach! Christchurch is on the coast but New Brighton is boring to look at and windy, and Sumner is always packed if it's a nice day, so we went to a beach I've never been to before called Taylors Mistake. It's a small and sheltered bay with lovely sand and walks on the surrounding hills. So we had a lovely chilled Sunday at the beach. No ice-cream man there though - gotta plan ahead better next time!

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