15 November 2007

Careful what you wish for!

(Un)fortunately the people who were supposed to be taking our adorable little bundles of fur now can't take them any more, so we're back to square one! So be careful what you wish for. Whilst I didn't wanna give them away, now we still have to give them away and we don't have a happy home for them to go to!

In other news, the writing is still going on. I haven't gone mad yet, but it's only a matter of time.

And does anyone else think the French are dumb?! They vote a man in to reform the country and then when he gets started, the whole nation goes out in the streets to protest! THEN DON'T VOTE FOR REFORMISTS, DUMMIES!!! I don't get why all the public servants want to help the train drivers retire more than ten years earlier than them anyway - I can't imagine the job of a train driver is harder than that of a high school teacher. I think they take the fraternite bit a little too seriously! Oh well, I guess French politics (of which I only know what the BBC and Al Jazeera tells me) is not really something I should be getting into. I'll get myself in trouble with certain readers!

Back to the writing with you, girl. Hope ya'll are well.


Anonymous said...

We are all good. Sorry about the kittens. How does that work. Did they suddenly find they are allergic to cats?

As for the french, don't get me started. You have done that before and you know it is not attractive. Apparently it is a legacy perk of the train drivers job, that they can retire at 50. The theory was that it involved very heavy manual labour shovelling coal. Of course now the most effort goes into holding down the dead man brake, but the poor dears get worn out with doing it.

Having said that, if they all go on indefinite general strike, I can't see a problem.

Love Dad

E said...

I think the French just LOVE strikes... it gives them something to complain about. That and climate change. (and I should know!)
Sorry to hear about the kittens :-( but they're SO cute you'll surely find a home for them.