07 November 2007

Furry friends

(Un)Fortunately we've managed to find a new home for our little cuties. The parents of a friend will take them both, and it'll be great cos it sounds like they're really excited to get them, plus they live on a farm so the cats will be able to get up to all sorts of exploring and killing! Only problem is - I DON'T WANNA GIVE EM AWAY!!! We know we have to though (not fair to take them on a 28 hour flight when we don't even know where we're moving to), so I've been taking lots of pictures. It's been a while since I subjected you to pictures of the wee fellas, so tough - you're getting more!

Snoozin. Now's the moment for that fart, Grey!

I guess this means it's time to mow the lawn then?

You kill, I'll supervise.

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