09 May 2007


Well, an update on the kittens is very due. Unfortunately, one has disappeared (although it was the least cute one in my opinion), but the other two kittens are very much still round the place. In fact our garden (and indeed our laps) have become their territory - much to the annoyance of Squish - their dad. It took an unbelievable amount of coaxing and occasional feeding to finally win them over, but Monty (the black one) eventually sussed out that he loves being stroked and about a day or two after first being able to touch him, he was up in our laps like a shot. Grey would just stand around and watch and clean herself, but eventually (with lots more feeding - she's a smart cat!) let us touch her and now she fights with Monty for our lap! They even sit on one lap together and fall fast asleep, which is adorably cute, if a little uncomfortable.

So I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures of them. They're still very small, even though they must be nearly 6 months old now.

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