13 May 2007

Daft kitten!

I hate to be so kitten obsessed and have every post devoted to them - but I'm gonna start this post with a few funny shots I got this arvo, playing with Monty. I was trying to take his photo, but he was more interested in the cord on my camera:

Step 1 : Monitor the enemy

Step 2 : Toy with it

Step 3 : And ATTACK!

So, now to prove I can write about something other than the kittens. It's been a cool weekend out of the lab, with Paul up to visit. He came up cos we went to see the very funny (and very handsome!) Dylan Moran (of Black Books fame) who came to town for a show. He was really funny and we had awesome tickets, right up near the front. Fortunately the lights were too bright for him to pick on the audience, so we were off the hook. I actually wore a dress and we went to a very posh winebar after, which for once I was appropriately dressed for!
Then today, we did a mini road trip over the port hills to Lyttelton and a bit of a cruise round the port hills. It was the perfect weather for it with a hazy sunny day. We stopped in Lyttelton to pop into the Wunderbar which is a super-cool little bar and finally I got a chance to take a photo of their wicked lampshade made of dismembered dolls heads. Pretty wierd! It's got a foosball table and for the first time EVER I beat Sean! Not that I'd wanna gloat! Anyway - a couple of extra photos and I'm off.

Nice view on the drive

Wishful thinking

Surreal - especially at night when it is lit up.


Ruth said...

Ah Belli, I miss you and I love you. The kittens are cute too. Have some fejoa juice for me.
R :)

A said...

I'll have a Monteiths instead!
Miss ya, trut. :-)