01 April 2008

That's Dr Murphy to you lot!

So guess who's now a Dr?! I had my final exam yesterday and a minor hangover today! Gave a talk in front of the department first, and here I am in full flow:

Then after lunch, I had a two and a half exam which went mostly well, except for a couple of questions that threw me, but most was fine. Then when I came out I got given a VERY tasty bottle of champagne by Sean, which unfortunately I ended up drinking three glasses of! Couple of photos of the momentous occasion below!

Me with my thesis and bottle of champagne at the desk that was my home for 4 years.


E said...

:-) All our congratulations Dr Murphy!!!!!! Loads of Bisous (including a real slimy one from Maxime)

A said...

I look forward to giving her a really slimy kiss back! Thanks guys! x

APK said...

WOO HOO! Annabel I am so happy for you. I havent looked at your blog for like a year so amazing timing. ps your desk and the couch look like they havent changed. has it really been 4 years?!
A BIG hug from me (sounds like you have enough sloppy kisses) x

Gaz Morris said...

Congratulations Annabel! Finally got your doctorate after four years at Sheffield and another four in NZ, fantastic news!

Long time no speak also. I'm back at school at the moment getting my MBA. Drop me an email at gem33 at cam dot ac dot uk when you get a chance.

On another note I'm going to be over in NZ in december if you're still over there. Otherwise let me know when you're going to be in the UK.