28 January 2008

All done!!! (Well, sort of)

This afternoon, I submitted my thesis! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I actually feel a lot less excited than I thought I was gonna feel, probably cos I was always imagining how it would feel whilst having a horrible time in the lab, or whilst stuck in the middle of a difficult bit of the writing. Usually finishing a thesis involves a desperate last-minute dash, not sleeping for the last several nights and handing in just in the nick of time. As it worked out, I managed to get it finished 3 days early (well, that's a lie actually, technically it's 362 days late!) and it was surprisingly close to ready when I gave the first draft to my supervisors, which made this month less stressful. The massive booze-up I'd envisioned, surrounded by all my friends, I can't really be bothered to organise, cos it's a monday so not really a party appropriate night. It's cool though, that'll wait til the weekend and tonight I'm going for pisco sours (I've discovered a bar in town that makes them) and mexican dinner.

Turned into an even better day when Norman passed his warrant of fitness without any work needing to be done. Maybe he just needed the holiday too! My eco-conscious took a bash when the mechanic said that he's getting to be a bit smoky, but he's doing about a million miles a gallon so I don't see how bad it can be. I've seen what they allow here in NZ for smoking, though, and its not pretty. They only take your car off the road if it pumps out smoke continuously for more than 10 seconds - mental. And they claim to be clean and green. One day I'll actually get paid and I'll get a hybrid or summit! In the meantime, I just won't drive much.

Anyway, back to the point - I SUBMITTED MY THESIS!!!!!! All 300 pages of it. I'm sure after the fourth pisco sour it's gonna sink in!


Ruth said...

Congratulations my darling, that's wonderful. You fully deserve your present of me coming to see you :) I am very intrigued as to the pisco sour and feel we should seek them out together.

Go. Sleep. Celebrate. Paint your toes. Drink more beer. paint other people's toes. Etc. Love you!!

A said...

And search them out we shall! Turns out you shouldn't have a glass of wine after three of them though! Not feeling quite tip-top this morning.

And guess what - Kora are playing on March 1st near chch - WAHOOO!!! Hope you can be down here for it.

Anonymous said...

Well Done,

Your father has let me comment first, such a gentleman. Congratulations. How proud are we! Well done.



Anonymous said...

Angel, congratulations. All our love. Dad

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that it is time to change your "About me" section - it is now out of date!!

Congratulations my dear.

E said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! Can we call you Dr Murphy already? I'm so happy for you!

A said...

I love you guys!