29 June 2007

Oh yeah, and me.

In case you're wondering what I'm up to these days, I am surrounded by precarious piles of journal publications, scrap-paper and lab books and I'm becoming very intimate with the backspace key. That's right my friends, I am indeed writing. Or doing tippety tappety, as it's know in this office.

Fear not, my lab work is not finished yet - I still have a fair bit to do in there before I can finish. But I decided to get a large chunk of the writing out of the way and then go back in there once I've knocked a bit of writing on the head.

Writing is kinda fun, cos when you get to the end of the day you can scroll back through your day's achievements and say - yeah - I did achieve something today. In the lab you can do a 70 hour week and end up further behind where you were, cos all you've managed to do is smoke your precious starting materials and bleed the chemical stores dry of solvents. That said, writing is pretty painful; when you manage to get a real tough bit done, you pat yourself on the back...and then start the next tough bit! Continuous stream of fighting with the literature (eg discovering someone else did half your work - and got better yields!) and trying to make sense of your garbled lab-book.

Still, it's going quite well and overall I'm kinda enjoying it.

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