19 February 2007

Why my boyfriend's great!

That's right; my boyfriend is wicked! He's always great but he excelled himself by packing up a picnic basket and driving us up to the top of the port hills (the crater just south of chch) to an idyllic spot just before sunset on Valentines day! It was such a lovely evening and a complete surprise. Yep, I'm a very lucky girl! It's a really nice view up there and I took a couplie photos:


Anonymous said...

Awwww, how cute are *you* guys? (mind the boy germs).

Love ya.

mpy said...

I suggest you should go to the top of the hill more often. And maybe sometimes down the hill to see some friends? :-)

Looked like you had a good time!

(I was going to complain that you don't post enough on your blog, but... today two posts. Way to go!)

A said...

Yep, it's been too hectic to post for a while, but I should do it more! Since all my favourite people seem to be congregating on that side of the hill, it is shameful that I don't go over it more often! Twas cool seing you crazy kids last night. Bisous!

Anonymous said...

I like the first two photo's lil' buddy, you know, the 'spot the difference' ones. I think I have it though, one of the clouds has moved slightly to the left and there are no beards in the other one! There's no fooling me!! Teefa xx