30 July 2006


Hi! All is pretty good over here in NZ, my work has slowed to something of a snail's pace recently which is quite frustrating since now is the time when I need to be finishing up the experimental part of my PhD and getting started on writing, but motivation levels are at an all time low and it seems the easiest things take days. I managed to spend most of last week doing one reaction (partly because it turns out it's the sort of reaction that likes to empty itself all over your fumehood, or indeed your face(!), no matter what you do) and I still haven't managed to purify the product. Ahhhh! However I've broken out of ChCh twice in two weekends and it's been awesome to get back out into nature again. Went snowboarding yesterday at a great little ski station and hopefully below (if I figure out how to upload pictures) is a picture of lake tekapo and the MtCook mountain range from the top of the station. Plus there's also a picture of me and some hairy brute I picked up on the chairlift. (I should probably clarify that I am indeed referring to the lovely Sean!)

Also went up to Hanmer with two lovely girls from my group, Jenni and Anna. We did a mini walk before marinading ourselves in the hotpools up there. We more or less boiled ourselves alive and all had stinking headaches after nearly 3 hours sitting in the 38 degree pool, but it was so cold outside we couldn't face getting out! Below is a photo of us.
Other than that not been up to much. Saw Kora, the band that I've been raving about on my previous blog, a couple of weeks ago and once again, they blew my socks off! I really have never seen such a good live band. All those in Aussie, keep your eye out for them supporting Salmonella Dub (the original and still one of the best of the Aotearoa dub scene) in October. It's a concert not to miss and Rich I'm sure will back me up! They have an unbelievable energy on stage, I really hope they'll get big enough to play Britain so you guys back home can see them.

No other exciting news my end. I hope you're all doing well and having fun. Drop me a line sometime.

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