22 July 2006



Well, since Sean (my bloke) won't go to my other blog on myspace cos he gets scared when pictures of him flash up on screen, I've been instructed to get a sensible blog! That's cool with me, cos the myspace one I've only put newsie stuff up on, but this blog will largely be a more rambling affair, which may prove either very dull or far more interesting, we'll have to wait and see. My apologies in advance if it has no narrative, is political at times, if I make arguments which I then blatantly contradict a week later, or if I get excessively excited about rather uninteresting things. Hopefully you'll bear with me!

Since I have become seriously slack with keeping in touch with my friends recently, including (in fact especially) the people who I miss the most, I hope that you'll pass by from time to time, and get into a heated argument or a bit of banter or some good ol reminiscing with me. When you only see/contact people from time to time, you spend so much time 'catching up' that you don't end up having the sort of chats that you miss most.

So I'll leave my first entry at that for now. Thanks for visiting my blog and 'please come again'!
LuvMe x


Anonymous said...

so here i am... guilty as charged. stlll, it could be good... especially if i can bend lots of people to my will....


A said...

Damn you Sean, you may not abuse my blogspot for your own political ends! Although I do agree with promoting endofworld.net - truely the coolest website on the web!

mpy said...

Annabel speaks the truth! :-)

There's one thing missing on this blog though... pics of Sean!

Anonymous said...

Yeah naked pics of Sean would be nice ;-) . I saw you on your bike this morning... I even ran after you, but maaaaaan, you were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast. Then I realised you were trying to actually escape me...

berlintobethnalgreen said...

your blog is very pink!
it hurts my eyes!

Unknown said...

Hey Annabel,

how are you my dear?
I write to you because i will probably be meeting YAsmine next weekend for a day in London. I am going to meet with her, Enrique and also Neil (my boyfriend) in London, probably next saturday. This is yet to decide but I was wondering if you wanted to come down to london this weekend and meet up with us. It would be very enjoyable.
Also, all the email addresses i have for you do not seem to work now. Could you please send me your most update it one?