21 February 2008

Some more pics

Last weekend I met up with an old friend of mine, from my days living in Switzerland, on the Queen Charlotte track near Picton. She's recently moved to Wellington for a year, and since I'm heading back to the mothership soon, we decided to meet halfway between. Of course, we weren't dedicated enough to actually walk the Queen Charlotte track, but fortunately for us it's one of the few tracks in NZ that has road access to many points and hostels (no pesky camping!). We had a great few days, we did a small bit of the walk (enough to wear ourselves out and justify several beers afterwards!), some serious chilling in the sun and I was forced to endure more pop in the car than I've listened to in ages! OK, I'll admit that I secretly enjoyed the ol' Britney best of, though!

So here's a few piccies for your enjoyment.

Myself and the wonderful Princess G

Punga Bay Cove

Yay - the SUN!!!

Miss G braving the somewhat chilly waters


Sass said...

NZ looks beautiful. Before you leave, could you find out why so many kiwis are in London? I don't understand the appeal when their country is so diverse and lush.

Thanks for the encouragement you posted on my site.

A said...

Lush and diverse, but they lack the depth of culture and excitement of Europe. When I tell them I'm from London most Kiwis want to know where in London, and tell you all about their big 'OE' (overseas experience) there. A lot didn't actually like living in London that much and I keep telling as many Kiwis as will listen to get out of London and go get work elsewhere in the UK, where the cost of living is lower and there's still plenty of fun to be had.

Wish we could pull NZ off the coast of spain and have the best of both worlds really! Its a much nicer lifestyle here.

Melanie said...

Looks beautiful! I'm dying to do some hiking in New Zealand.

Ruth said...

Oh good. A pic of my ass.