09 August 2007

London calling - KORA!

OK, my fine and fabulous friends in the london area. Here's your chance to catch the boys that i have been talking up SOMETHING CHRONIC! Quite literally the best live band I have seen in all my days (and I've seen a lot of big rockin names in my time) is coming to London in September. I know this is a little early, and there's basically no chance that they will sell out far in advance, but I thought I'd give ya'll a bit of advance notice so there's no excuses.

So all you crazy kids who like their music both rockin and incredibly funky, go and see KORA n give the fellas a good welcome to the UK. They're playing Koko in camden (near Mornington Crescent tube station) on the 20th of September.

Bonus chocolate fish for those who shout CHUR BRO at the fellas and get a grin! I have no idea what it means either!


Ruth said...

Yo babes. In your excitement you have failed to explain what sort of music they are...and is there anywhere to hear a snippet?


A said...

Darling, is my recommendation not sufficient for you?! Well, it's at the slightly more rocky end of the NZ dub spectrum. Which means kinda reggae style beats but with lots of energy. And when I say funky, I don't mean in the ubiquitous "funky" sense, I mean in the 'in the style of funk' sense.

And you can check them out on myspace ( http://www.myspace.com/koraroots), although to be honest, I'm always pretty disappointed by their recordings (of which there are few) cos they're not really signed to a label yet (to my knowledge) and therefore haven't got any good recordings. It's really live that they shake their stuff. That said, the video of "flow" on myspaz shows some of the energy off and it's probably their most wicked live track.

Hotdamn am I jealous of you bastards - i wanna go see em wiv you!

Anonymous said...

awesome! left them a message on myspaz to find out whether or not that was really london, england and they didn't dignify it with a response! to be fair theres an east london in South Africa...! will take a heap of photos and send you them! biglilbro. X

A said...

You make me giggle, shorty! They always reply to my messages, you obviously need a better myspaz picture!
And don't you be taking photos, BE DANCING! Like a mad bastard! So they know that londoners know how to party.
yalilbigsis x