25 November 2006

Down on the farm!

Well that's it, we officially have green fingers! I think I mentioned that we got a little crazy growing seeds and then had to dig up half my garden to plant them all, but its been unbelievably worthwhile cos EVERYTHING is growing! So cool! We've started getting courgettes, sugar snap and snow peas, and beans growing in the last couple of days and the tomatos aren't far off. These are, of course, in addition to the ridiculous amount of spinach and lettuce we're having to eat to stop the whole garden being taken over, plus the coriander we had in our thai curry, the oregano, thyme, rosemary and mint! We already had a couple of baby carrots too. I doubt the sweetcorn is gonna give us any, but it looks sooooo cool! What with the peach tree and walnut tree we're gonna eat well this summer! There's a couple of photos below of me pyjama gardening (my favourite weekend past-time!) and some of our vegies. Sorry to make all y'all northern hemispherites jealous with the sunny, warm looking weather - if it's any consolation it is ridiculously windy here as usual.
proud gardener
courgette (bottom middle)
pyjama gardening!
Sean reluctantly having his photo taken!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Impressive! I didn't know you guys were such big farmers. How many hours do you spend in your little veggie garden per week? Do you have any time to do your research at uni?

A said...

cool huh?! Not many any more, it was mostly at the beginning when the weeds were a nightmare. Now we just eat stuff! I wonder how your strawberries are getting on without you guys; birds must be looking longingly at them! You having fun? Rally good?

Anonymous said...

Well our strawberries are dEEEEEEElicious, really sweet... but we're far from you mass-production!!! Amazing, enough to turn vegetarian?

Anonymous said...

The Rally was good, but it would've been a lot better without the crazy rain & wind! Well, at least a Finn won the rally, and another Finn got second. And that sounds just like the results of the next Formula 1 season... I can hear the Finnish national anthem already!