12 August 2006

chemistry's glamour girl!

Well if the volumetric flasks don't convince them, the hot sheila on the HPLC will! That's right my friends, I'm now the fresh face of chemistry! Go check out our uni's chemistry website (http://www.chem.canterbury.ac.nz/) and you shall see just how cool chemistry is! I'm ready for my champagne and cocaine now - the heady heights of the modelling world must be going to my head!
(Please note, there is no way that any chemistrician would ever be seen dead in such a clean lab coat under normal circumstances - it even has creases down the sleeves!)

1 comment:

Fleur de Bee said...

You know I worked in a cancer research center back in college and I totally agree about the lab coats. I think I ran into those thrown everywhere and felt more like a maid always picking them up rather than their manager.

VERY cool the line of work you do, you celebrity you!! You are too georgous to be modeling in a lab coat anyway!!